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{ Exclusive Choices }
Family-owned and operated since 1936, Dennis Jewelry is known for design and repair. Special orders are created on location; you can actually see a watchmaker or gemologist at work. Although it sells Rolex watches and although pieces of Dennis Jewelry are displayed in the Smithsonian Museum, don't assume that everything's out of your price range. For a 14K charm you can expect to pay a reasonable $30.

{ Friendly Atmosphere }
The decor makes all customers feel at home--it's like walking into someone's living room. No expense was spared for the home-style decor, from the solid wood, Amish-made paneling and the limestone, wrought iron and gorgeous slate floor. It's an example of quality all around.

{ The Ultimate In Quality }
Everything in our stores is produced to the highest standards. We are only satisfied with the best. Our craftsman are the finest in their field and we only provide pieces from the most reputable vendors. You will see the quality in every piece shown.

{ High Fashion }
Dennis Jewelry advertises in some of the top fashion magazines. We keep up with every fashion trend. But when it comes to jewelry, timeless never goes out of style.



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