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With extraordinary attention to detail, with every hand-crafted design,  comes a gift, to be worn for many years. We let you behind the curtain as we show you the true process of the creation of your next family heirloom.

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The Dennis Story

George Dennis Sr. a rising star, who at the age of 28 designed a plaque for General MacArthur. His apprentice ship started at the age of 12, this is where our story begins.

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Dennis Quality

George Dennis Sr. a man of the highest standards, demanded the best for his clients, in diamond quality and craftsmanship; a generational trait that has been passed down to his son George Dennis Jr., who proudly continues to serve the San Antonio community and South Texas.

The Designers

Dennis Diamonds

Here at Dennis Jewelry Co.  we truly understand this being one of the most important purchases to  be made along life’s journey. That is why George Dennis instilled the importance of educating our clients on the standards of the 4C’s set forth by GIA in which we feel the most important category is THE CUT with the correct proportions creates the most beautiful diamond with all the Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation that our clients are to expect every time.
( Diamonds A Woman’s Best Friend) 
George Dennis